APP Issues might not be UNIQUE to this APP

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Steve Pearson

7/20/20232 min read

apple logo on blue surface
apple logo on blue surface

This issue you are experiencing may not unique to our App. Apple Is issues 2 fixes and make sure you on the latest version of their software
One more place you can check is to go to the Apple App Store and check for All App Updates. Press UPDATE ALL! See if you have any apps that can't update and why?

If you have Apps that's can't update we need to figure why. Some common reasons: 1) Bought with a different Apple ID 2) Used a different Email or iCloud Account. 3) Bought on a previous device and transferred to this device.
These factors can play a role is security settings and your Unique ID that protects you. That Unique ID stays with the Apple ID and not the phone/device. Remember that your Journal or memories have not been lost. If you sign into a blank document. Don't panic. You have more than likely created a new journal, perhaps even using your regular email but then your device HID that email. So you arrived to us as a newcomer.

Hence the shock that you lost everything. We just have to figure out how you were getting to us! Backtrack and come back to us the same way. Please now you didn't. These security measure are new, our software is writting to take all of this into consideration which is why most users have had no issues. The goal is to figure out how. Even using your regylar email whould have become masked, let is know , contact. Apple and we'll do out best to find you. Please know we also convert you data to useless information in the unlikely event we got hacked.,

We don't have your email of file for this reason. Which is challenging. We must maintain your privacy at all times. We will figure this out. With the help of Apple help you with the settings. Us looking for alternate ways to perhaps locate you. But the app is fully wokring as planned and no-one lost anything. It's very inconvenient. This is a far more positive situation that if your data was stolen. Know we are looking for solutions to help you~

You can contact Apple for Assistance