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We understand that interacting with technology can sometimes pose challenges. It's quite normal, and we've all been in situations where we've done updates and haven't noticed each notification or prompt. We're here to support you.

1) One of the most common areas where users encounter difficulties is with their email address used for the app. Sometimes, we may use a different email address without realizing it, leading to confusion when accessing the app. If you're having trouble, double-check which email address you're using. Please remember, we do not store your email information; the solution might be a process of elimination.

2) Another scenario you might face is logging into the app and finding it appears as if "everything has vanished". This can be startling, but it usually indicates that the app is working correctly. You might have unintentionally created a new account using a different email address. As a part of our commitment to your safety, security measures might be in place, so it's essential to be precise with your email details.

It's effortless to create emails from your iCloud, including aliases. However, unexpected changes can sometimes occur with your security settings, especially after an update. These changes can affect your email accessibility or interfere with your access through a private relay, leading to potential misunderstandings, such as thinking the app isn't working. In fact, it's just the technology ensuring your safety.

If you're having trouble signing in, it could be due to an issue with your email or device settings. It's interesting to note that out of thousands of users, only a few experience sign-in difficulties. For those facing these issues, it's worth checking if a different email has been used and that the device and security settings are configured correctly.

In the world of technology, it's easy to miss a step or make an unintentional mistake. But that's okay! We're here to help, and we understand how easily these things can happen. If you're experiencing any issues, don't hesitate to reach out. We're committed to ensuring you have the best possible experience with our app.

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smiling woman in green jacket
smiling woman in green jacket

"Understanding the app wasn't the issue, and I'd lost nothing, which was a great relief!"

- Wendy C. TX

Soul-ution Seeker

Thank you for reaching out to us. We have some good news to share: We have confirmed that there was no data loss. Upon investigation, we have identified a few scenarios that may have caused frustration among users. I'm sincerely sorry, but we will resolve this! You have the best souls!

It appears that some users may have initially created an account using Gmail or iCloud and then later used another method, like Facebook, to sign in. After our recent update, when users attempted to sign in again, they may have inadvertently reverted to the original sign-in method, which made it seem like their journal was empty and not the integrated version, or vice versa. Any information you can provide will be beneficial.

Additionally, some users may have used a relay or anonymous email and signed in today with a different email address. In certain cases, the system may have mistaken the user's actions for creating a new account, and the new biometrics (Face and fingerprint) updates might have contributed to this issue because it's a seamless experience. This could potentially explain the crashes people were experiencing as well, as signing in through one method, such as Facebook, to an account created via Gmail might have caused the APIs to drop out, and this will fix that issue.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support and patience during this time. Rest assured, this is an issue we can resolve.

To expedite your case and assist you further, could you please take a moment to fill out the following information?