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Discover the power of daily gratitude and transform your life.

silhouette of man running on beach during sunset
silhouette of man running on beach during sunset

Getting Started

Welcome to the GratefulDay ™ Gratitude Journal App User Guide, explicitly crafted to help our users and supporters like YOU to develop and sustain a powerful gratitude habit.

This guide outlines the benefits of gratitude and introduces foundational practices tailored to enhance your daily routine and overall satisfaction.

Gratitude is more than just saying 'thank you.' Research has consistently shown that regular gratitude exercises significantly impact mental health, workplace environment, and personal relationships. By incorporating systematic gratitude practices, you're setting the groundwork for a more fulfilling and productive work life. You can read more about science and research articles.

Establishing Your Gratitude

Creating a manageable and meaningful routine is essential for embedding the gratitude habit into your daily life.

You can begin by setting aside a few minutes each morning or evening to reflect on the aspects of your workday, which you are grateful for. These might be productive meetings, the coffee you shared with a colleague or the quiet moments of your morning commute. Consistency is key, so please choose a time to commit to each day.

As you continue this journey, we hope that this Gratitude Guide becomes a tool for habit formation and transformation. Let gratitude reshape the way you view your work and interactions with others.

We encourage you to revisit this manual periodically to refresh your practices and acknowledge and celebrate the milestones you’ve achieved in strengthening your gratitude habit. I am rooting for your continued success and personal development.

Yours gratefully,


Press the + plus sign in the app to start a journal entry. You will open a new page to start typing

Add an emoji that best describes your mood. When you are done, press "save."

A quote of the day will appear, you can share this or close the tab.
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