I lost everything! It's all gone! Investigating iPhone Settings and Apple Security description.

Unintentional Creation of a New Journal: Investigating Phone Settings and Apple Security description.


Steve Pearson

7/19/20232 min read

person holding smartphone
person holding smartphone

The Unintentional Creation of a New Journal: Investigating Phone Settings and Apple Security


In the digital world, journals have embraced the electronic realm, allowing us to capture our thoughts and memories conveniently. However, there are instances when individuals unintentionally create a new journal instead of accessing their existing one. In such cases, it is crucial to rule out software issues, to check phone settings, and to consider Apple security settings. By addressing these factors and ensuring up-to-date software, individuals can recover their memories and find resolution in this alarming and frustrating situation.

Eliminating Software Issues

When faced with the unintentional creation of a new journal, it is important to first rule out any software-related problems. Contact the journaling app's developer or support team to verify if there is an ongoing outage or known issue affecting user accounts. If no software issues are reported, it's time to investigate other potential causes.

Examining iPhone Settings

Begin by checking your phone settings to determine if any configurations are inadvertently causing the creation of a new journal. Look for app permissions, data storage settings, and other relevant options that might impede access to your intended journal. Ensure that the journaling app has the necessary permissions to access your data and that any restrictions are lifted.

Reviewing Apple Security Settings

Apple devices offer robust security measures, which can occasionally impact the seamless retrieval of your journal. Contact Apple directly to inquire if any security settings, such as iCloud Keychain or two-factor authentication, have been recently updated or if there are any known issues that could be contributing to the problem. It is important to ensure that both your phone and the journaling app are running the latest software versions.

Keeping Software Up to Date

To maintain optimal performance and compatibility, regularly update both your phone's operating system and the journaling app to the latest available versions. Outdated software can introduce bugs or compatibility issues, potentially leading to unintentional journal creations. Keeping everything up to date minimizes the chances of encountering such problems.

Seeking Apple's Assistance

If you have exhausted all troubleshooting steps related to your phone settings and app permissions, yet the issue persists, it is advisable to reach out to Apple directly. Apple's customer support team can provide further guidance specific to your device, ensuring that any security settings or configurations are correctly in place. They can also help you investigate if there are any Apple-related issues contributing to the creation of a new journal.


Facing the unexpected creation of a new journal can be frustrating, but it is essential to methodically investigate the possible causes. By ruling out software issues, checking phone settings, and considering Apple security settings, you are more likely to find a resolution. Reach out to the journaling app's developer and Apple's support team for assistance when needed. Remember to keep your phone and the app up to date to maintain optimal performance. With perseverance and the right support, you can regain access to your cherished memories and continue your journaling journey without further disruptions.