The Key to Resolving App Connections

The Key to Fixing Updates

Steve Pearson

7/19/20232 min read

person holding space gray iPhone X
person holding space gray iPhone X

Dear Users,

Firstly, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for your continued use of our app. We understand that recent technical issues have caused some inconvenience and frustration, and we sincerely apologize for this.

Please note these issues are not isolated to our app alone. In our case, everyone had to log out because the App was updated, and then log back in. Following the recent iOS update by Apple, you may have had to log out and update our app before logging back in. Some of these new updates from Apple should help resolve these issues.

When you log into our app, you typically use your email. However, if your device is configured to "Hide your Email" or use "Private Relay," it generates an alternate email for Apple and us, ensuring we don't see your real email. This is an added layer of security that, while it protects your privacy by masking your real email, can sometimes cause communication glitches.

When our app communicates back to you, we respond to the Apple-generated email your device sent to us. Ideally, Apple should then convert this and forward it to your real email. However, if your phone settings are not configured correctly or if you have the "Hide Your Email" or "Private Relay" feature turned on, the signal from us might get bounced back, causing issues.

If you have biometrics (fingerprints or face recognition) enabled and you appear as a new user to our server, it might cause additional confusion. In such cases, the app might sign you into a new journal, making it seem like you've lost all your previous entries. Rest assured, you haven't lost anything.

Key to Resolving Issues

The key to resolving these issues is to review the security choices you've made. Sometimes, these protective measures can interfere with the smooth operation of our app. If your phone isn't converting the masked email into your real email, your app might get closed, or you could find yourself in a new journal.

Think of it like walking into a castle through a new entrance and finding a room that's empty. Your things aren't gone, you just need to exit and re-enter through your usual door. This requires your phone settings to be correctly aligned with your security choices.

Please note that sometimes, when Apple releases significant updates like the recent one, you might not always get a notification. This is because Apple doesn't want all its users updating simultaneously. We recommend that you go to your phone settings and check under 'Software' to see if you have any pending updates.

Additionally, visit the App Store and check for any updates there. If you see any apps that haven't updated or can't update because they were purchased with a different email, Apple ID, or device, you'll need to update these manually.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate these issues together. We truly appreciate your continued support.

Please let us know if you need any additional assistance.

Gratefully yours,

Steve and the GratefulDay Team